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If you have always wondered what it would be like to spoil yourself without feeling guilty about the cost then you will love Indonesia. Favorable exchange rates for strong Western currencies have made Indonesia a paradise for low-cost shopping and affordable and delicious pampering. In these articles we give you tips on finding and exploring the markets and malls, and how to confidently and appropriately handle the Asian tradition of haggling and bargaining. And we take you inside the massage, beauty and hair salons that will spoil you with care and make you feel like a million dollars for peanuts. Stand by to be amazed.

Indonesian woman giving massage
The marvellous magic of massage in Indonesia

Massage is everywhere in Indonesia. People have an almost religious faith that it can cure just about anything. If this resonates for you then your visit to Indonesia will be a trip to massage heaven. And you will be blown away at how little it…

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