Category Practical tips and information to smooth your Indonesian adventure

No matter how beautiful and interesting the country you are visiting, it will be difficult to enjoy your experience if you are worrying about day-to-day challenges of coping with practicalities that don’t cause us a second thought back home. For example managing our travel money, getting value without being ripped off, knowing what to do if we are hurt or ill, staying in touch with family and friends, getting around, coping with a foreign language – even just asking directions.

We are grouping articles covering these kinds of topics so that you will have the knowledge you need to avoid frustration and worry and confidently enjoy all the best aspects of the REAL Indonesia.


Indonesian woman giving massage
The marvellous magic of massage in Indonesia

Massage is everywhere in Indonesia. People have an almost religious faith that it can cure just about anything. If this resonates for you then your visit to Indonesia will be a trip to massage heaven. And you will be blown away at how little it…

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